CT ARES Region 4

The official website for CT ARES Region 4 North & South

As promised, I am finally getting around to updating the website. I am going to keep this short. One thing to mention is to watch out for dead links. I am in the process of converting the website into a format that is easier for me to edit. I haven't converted everything yet so if you run into a dead link (e.g. "Page cannot be found") just hit the browsers back button and continue from there.

Check out the new "Event Calendar" link... Trying a new Google Calendar format which shows a lot of promise. If you use Google Calendars (or have an Android enabled phone like me), click on event that you are attending and click the "add to my calendar" link. This will add the event to your calendar and allow you to setup reminders, etc.
Look for more changes coming soon!

73, Vinny KB1JDX
Webmaster and ADEC 4 North